Flagler Beach Surf Star…Ashley Capitola

They say behind every good man there is a better women…I’m not sure who they is but I was told this young lady is who you want your daughters to hang around… Round two of Flagler Beach Surf Stars…and the winner is Ashley Capitola .

Ashley is 100% Florida as she was born in Daytona and raised right here in our little town of Flagler Beach. Ashley’s local family introduced her to surfing and it was her cousin Tony that gifted her with a surfboard. By the old age of nine she made the transition from sponger to surfer and never looked back.

I have watched Ashley compete for a few years in our locally famous Tommy Tant Surf Contest and am quite impressed. I figured I would pick her brain a little to see if she had any words of wisdom to share with the new wave of surfer chicas.

1. As a young women did you like/dislike being a minority in the water?
-When I was younger I NEVER surfed the pier. Everyone that was surfing at the time I was learning was so good…Pete, Jimmy B, Whopper, Frieda, the Worley’s to name a few…I would watch everyone until it got too dark. I waited until I was about 14 to surf uptown because at the time there weren’t any other girls to go with and I was intimidated. It was weird at first being one of the only girls that surfed, but now I don’t mind at all because the guys here and at other breaks are really friendly and helpful.

2. What doors has surfing opened for you?
-Surfing has allowed me to make friends all over Florida. It has kept me in shape, healthy, sane and it has given me the desire to travel out of the country and surf other breaks.

3. What favorite places has surfing taken you?
-Last summer I got to go to Costa Rica. That country is incredible. I’d love to go back someday for as long as possible. On February 22nd ’m going to California. Can’t wait!

4. What’s your favorite surf maneuver?–surf conditions?
-Love doing big turns. Getting barreled is great when it happens. I wish I knew how to do an air, even just a little one.  Chest to head high and glassy is perfect to me but honestly you can’t be too picky on the east coast. If it is at least rideable, I’ll be out.

5. Do you have sponsors–how did you get them?
Sully’s surf shop hooks me up with all of my surfin’ needs. The owner Dan is a awesome guy. Jay Smith from Clever recently added me to the “Clever team” Other than that I don’t have anything major.

6. What are you doing now? what’s ahead? Is surfing a part of your career goals or just a lifestyle?
-Right now I am working, in college and will be finishing my AA this semester. After many changes in my major I’ve decided to get my bachelors in business administration. Surfing is something I do for fun right now but if I get the opportunity to use my degree in the surf industry, I wouldn’t be able to ask for anything more!

7. Any advice to young ladies starting out in the surf scene?
-Don’t give up! So many young girls give up on surfing because it is a difficult sport to learn. Don’t let boys intimidate you. And for all the younger kids, STAY IN SCHOOL! It is worth it in the long run!

Awesome, Ashley!  Thank you for sharing and best of luck on your trip out west!!