Flagler Beach Warning…People are Stupid Crazy!!

This happened two days ago:

I joined some friends at the beach on the North Side of the Pier around 11:00 am.  It was a little windy but otherwise a beautiful day.  As my daughter frolicked in the lapping waves on shore, I noticed a women getting out of her car with a pile of mylar balloons.  Thinking to myself how silly people are to bring balloons to the beach—they will just end up in a giant tangled mess.  The women proceeded coming my way along with a young child and a friend who seemed to be snapping photos or video.  I curiously watched wondering if maybe they were shooting some sort of hello, happy birthday message to a loved one far away.  As they continued to walk towards the water I suddenly developed a knot in my stomach.

And then she did what I just couldn’t freakin believe…she let them go!!!!

Are you kidding me??  What the h. e. double hockey stick was she thinking??  Hello…as my friends like to say when they are referring to a person who has done something completely moronic!!  I was stunned!!

To make matters worse, a gentleman walked up to me as the whole mess was unfolding before my eyes, and professed in a very thick foreign accent how foolish he thought she was for wasting all that money.  (there was probably 35$ worth of balloons floating to the horizon- maybe more)  I responded that people waste money all the time in silly ways but why wasn’t he concerned that she just littered at our beautiful beach and most likely took the lives of some majestic creatures with it.  He did not care–not one bit.

It was then that I packed up and left…but not before I witnessed one of our awesome locals letting this person know the sin she had just committed towards Mother Nature…thank you…and next week I’ll let you know just who it was — Because they are our next featured Flagler Beach Surf Star

i clipped this out years ago when i used to sell balloons

just so i could show people that it is against the law–not just common sense…