Flagler Spotlight: Flagler Video

I am proud to announce the first Flagler Spotlight since the recent hostile takeover…

Flagler Video

 Flagler Video is about as iconic as the “Jiffy Cup” for us townies, but more than movies it has been a place that you see your neighbors on a weekly basis. Surviving like an animal on the endangered species list, Flagler Video remains the only video store (in the county I believe) due to extreme customer loyalty on behalf of us citizens and the mighty “Tars” smiling behind the counter.  I recently had a conversation with him about how he still has folks traveling over from Palm Coast, even with the big bad Red Boxes standing in there way.  Which is crazy since I can barley tolerate the thought of crossing the bridge:)  But as I pay my monthly Netflix membership, I still never hesitate to stop in and rent a few movies, under my father’s name of course.  Because when the account was setup I was not allowed to rent them myself…Haha.  So if your bored of watching political campaign ads, go have a visit to Flagler Video and rent a cool flick.  And if your lucky he’ll be jamming out with some killer tunes like my last visit. Cheers!