I witnessed beams of light in the sky…

Yesterday morning I decided to brave the crisp temperatures in order to get a photo of the sunrise.  Approaching A1A I noticed just above the horizon 6 very thin glowing ribbons of light.  A few of them just a speck long but one was an impressive half inch or so from my standpoint.  Thinking at first they were planes I realized that the flight pattern was completely unusual, there were so many of them together and they were really far away that it just didn’t seem to be a possibility.  As I stood in the sand freaking out about what I was witnessing, I wondered if maybe they were roque meteors from the recent Russian invasion or I would just have to assume we were finally being raided by UFO’s.  They never went past me but instead turned slowly off to the east and fading away into the light. light beams light beams2 light-beams4


My puzzlement was replaced by awe as the sun slowly started to rise out of clouds that had settled upon the ocean.  The edges of the clouds looking like singed pieces of paper waiting to go up in flames or just completely evaporate once the screaming ball of light made its entrance.  It was spectacular!  Perhaps I will soon find out what my flying objects really were but until then I leave you with a sunrise at Flagler Beach. I apologize that it’s a day behind and a little shaky but nonetheless it’s still a beautiful sight- Cheers and Happy Wednesday! Carla Michelle

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