Flagler Surf Star: Hannah Blevins

best friendsWhen Hannah Blevins’s best friend Kiah Hutcherson talked her into signing up for surf camp, she didn’t think it would be something she would really like much less an event that would change her life.  She was hooked after catching her first wave and hasn’t stopped catching them since. I met Hannah and her mom Sherry at the Si Como No Inn, where she was volunteering as a CIT (counselor-in-training) for North Beach “Spring Break” Surf Camp.  At 11 years old she has already experienced a full circle in her surfing career, as she is now helping kids learn to surf.  It can be safely presumed that whatever goals Hannah sets…she is going to succeed.   Here’s an inside to what makes this young lady tick.seq-collage1Q. How often do you paddle out? A. Everyday, no matter what the conditions and I like Big waves.  I am even starting to train with SUP boards to help build my upper body strength (and she skates too.)

SUPSkate Collage

Q. How often do you compete? A. I have a contest pretty much every weekend- I think competing helps me improve- keeps me trying to get to the next level.

Q. Do you have any sponsors yet?  A. I do and they are great: Cobian Footwear, Chicksticks, Squirtini Bikini, Barrellicious, Horizon Sunglasses and Aqua East Surf Shop.

Q. Who are your surfing inspirations?  A. Bethany Hamilton, Coco Ho, Sarah Beardmore, Kelly Slater and my three coaches: Bubbah the Surf Coach, Jimmy Blumenfeld, and Lauren Mclean from Cocoa Beach—she’s recently taught me how to do Snaps!!

Q. Barrels or Aerials?  A.  I want to do an Air Reverse-

Q. Where would you like to go on a dream surf trip? A. Costa Rica – (she and her family just returned from Puerto Rico where she caught her biggest wave yet.)Set Collage

Q. Healthiest food you ate this week?  A. Cauliflower and Oranges… (she’s working on customizing her palate towards healthier foods)

Q. Advice for a first timer?  A. Have Fun!  Focus on what your coach is saying to you and watch videos to learn what style you like. (Her favorite videos right now are of Kyuss King on Youtube.)

Q. North Side or South Side?  A. South side pier bowl

Q.  Favorite thing about Flagler Beach?  A. All the people and the surf community.

Hannah’s list of accomplishments in surfing are stacking up as she continues to place in the top three in almost every event she enters.  Her number one goal is to become a professional surfer and she has the focus and support to achieve that dream.  Her bathing suit sponsor Squirtini Bikini has even named one of their bathing suits after her.  In the meantime while her main focus is on surfing the hardest she can, she is also thinking about her possible future clothing company called Surf Gypsy.  An all girl “Bali inspired” surf wear company for comfort and function.  So whether she is shredding or designing, Hannah Blevins is determined to leave her mark on the surf industry.hannah CollageHannah will receive a one year premium Surfline membership for being a Flagler Surf Star and we wish her the very best!surfline1

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