Naturally Cool Wednesday…Clean Loving For Your Dog

To continue on in my Doggie Dog theme this week I am so excited to introduce a great new locally made product that is showering our canine friends with love and attention…”Love Yer Dog” Friendly Dog Wash and Hot Spot & Wound Remedy.label


The story of “Love Yer Dog” is so good you would of thought a proper writer made it up…

A Bioengineer named Mark Hesseling creates a natural product to help clean oil spills in the ocean.  Turns out his formula works wonders on psoriasis and Mark realizes he’s on to something special.  Enter Gail Holt and Mike Hammet who are searching shelves and labels to find chemical free products for their beloved dog Shila, a Malamute diagnosed with a devastating illness called IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.) One day Mr. Hessling is visiting the Living Waters Health Food Store, which happens to be owned by Gail Holt and hears about her disappointing pursuit for better canine products.  Mark Hessling is inspired by their tremendous compassion and formulates a pet product exclusively for Gail and Mike. Good friends Annette and David Massey were also on the search for quality pet care products since there Catahoula Leopard Dog, Oscar is allergic to everything (even grass) join in the mix followed by business man Ted Bancroft and Crystal Rothanwander and the “Love Yer Dog” concept was born.


 “Love Yer Dog” uses a proprietary blend of coconut oil, kelp, sea salt, aloe, vegetable glycerin, citric acid and water, our products are healing and helpful. The Friendly Dog Wash and Hot Spot Remedy are both prebiotic (meaning, they actually help the dogs friendly microorganisms fight off the bad bacteria they sometimes come in contact with or sometimes develop.) The products balance the skin and coat on a cellular level.

 The “Love Yer Dog”  mission is educate, enhance and support the pet community.

We are proud to have Born & Bred in Flagler Beach on our label, because we feel that Flagler Beach is a dog loving community that values small business and embraces a healthy lifestyle.  In developing this product, it was also important to us that it be biodegradable and safe for the earth.

Our products are so healthy, humans can use them too!  Safe for Pets, People and the Planet.  Biodegradable and safe for all animals.

You can find “Love Yer Dog” products locally in Flagler Beach at the Bark Spot in the Publix Plaza on SR 100, Living Waters Health Food Store on Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach and  ARNI’s Shaggy Chic boutique in Daytona Beach.

To find out more information or to start ordering this awesome product today reach out to  –You can also show them some love and support on Facebook.

Spread the word — “Love Yer Dog” — you and your best friend will be so glad you did!!


In loving memory of Shila-