Monday Reflection…Finding Purpose by taking Pictures:)

Over the pass few weeks I have been thinking over my purpose here on this planet, in my skin and especially on this website.  When I started becoming involved with Flagler Surf- the folks I told were not too excited about a webcam in our neighborhood, not stoked about it at all.  The attitude stemmed from a fear of an influx of people on our waves, in our streets and who just don’t care about Flagler Beach.  In fact the camera was vandalized several times and repeatedly blacked out with stickers.  The sticker part I actually considered funny because it meant the waves were most likely firing and only drew more attention to the swell. But the negative energy has dissipated a bit, which is good because several more cameras have been added to our coastline but it’s all good – and this is why…

Flagler Beach needs people- but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the responsibility to attract kind hearted folks that we want to come play songs for our spirit, decorate our souls, help us clean our beaches, prepare us brilliant food, write us funny words, love our animals, watch out for our children, dance in our streets, preserve our ocean and river, make scrapbook memories or lifetime movies. We have the responsibility to love our town and teach people why we love it… We have the responsibility to not complain about what is wrong but figure out how to make it better.  We have the responsibility to know our neighbors and work with them not against.  We are all stronger together.  Which brings me back to this moment- Flagler Surf is for everyone.  I love this town and only want it to be the best, small, awesome, funky, beautiful, magical, groovy, functional, energized, caring, amazing place that is and has the potential to always be.

And as a wise man who should really become one our finest elected officials—hint-hint just stated so eloquently on Facebook: Find a cause that can do some good and start transforming the world around you. Stop focusing on the things you cannot change and find a kid who’s starving and feed them. Buy a couple pair of shoes and socks at the thrift shop and trade with a homeless person for their old ones. Take a walk on the beach and pick up trash. Call a friend in need and try to console them. Hug your kids. Eat some broccoli. Take a nap. Take a shower… then start again.

So to start your week or end your day- I give you my first attempt at iMovie…my newest passion of taking pictures, a couple sunrises, a glimpse into the soul of a beautiful musician (Josh Garrels actually performed in our park) and a mindset that can change the world- oh and it just happens to be the beginning of the July 4th holiday week- which I Love– So Cheers to you!