Naturally Cool Wednesday…Turtles, Fish and Crabs -Oh My!

The other morning I was posted up at the beach getting my ritual sunrise photo when a load of high school runners passed me by.  I stopped to take a couple pictures of them when I noticed they were darting around a rather large moving object. Immediately realizing it was a sea turtle I too broke out into a run, which happened to be right next to a girl who had fallen behind the group.  In my mind I was hoping she had also spotted the turtle otherwise she would assume I was completely crazy.




My “photo team” and I were careful not to get too close but what an amazing sight to behold.

Sea Turtles are so cool!

 But it doesn’t stop there…Last night Barry and I went for a lovely walk on the beach when I noticed some huge fish- that looked like sharks- jumping and spinning out of the ocean.  The action went on for at least an hour and I had hoped to bump into a salty fisherman who would enlighten me on what I had been witnessing, this did not happen.     However this morning when I came to visit the sun— this is what I found directly at the bottom of my beach stairs.



fish Collage That is a big fish…so is the bite!


Crazy HuH!

and then to end the morning I found a poor shell of a crab- he had definitly seen better days.


So be naturally cool and go outside…you never know what you might find!