Naturally Cool Wednesday…trails and skateboards!


Unless you live under a rock…and perhaps it’s quite comfortable there… you must know that Flagler County boasts over a hundred miles of bike paths.   These yellow brick roads of awesome (actually they are mostly black) are used by all kinds of folks- Palm Coast Roller Derby Girls, Retirees, Moms with super energetic kiddos and today…the International Distance Skateboarding Association.

That’s right… skateboarding is staking a claim on the trails coming up this cool weather season.  If the plans roll out smooth…Flagler County will get to play host to it’s first major skateboarding event coming this January 2014– and I’m pretty sure that is very Naturally Cool.  The details aren’t hammered in stone but will most likely consist of a 13 mile distance race through the Lehigh Trail and if we are lucky enough, it will end with a bang by bombing the Flagler Beach Bridge— How Awesome would that be!! But that’s not all because there will be a serious (completely literal use of the word) meeting of the minds to turn this race of cruising longboard skates into a day of fun for everyone.


So get your skate on – if you don’t have one, cruise up toSully’s Surf Shop he’s loaded with all your skate needs– it’s fun and it feels good to have the wind in your hair…plus you get a better perspective of the world around you–

For more info on the International Distance Skateboarding Association mission is to create a worldwide foundation for safe, sanctioned distance skateboard racing, to grow global awareness and participation by demonstrating skateboarding’s benefits toward a healthy and positive lifestyle, and ultimately to infuse new energy into skateboarding as a viable and legal alternative mode of distance transportation worldwide.

You can also friend them on Facebook here. — and maybe give em a shout and tell them how excited you are that they chose Flagler County to hold this next event!!

And a personal High Five to Casey Ryan for bringing Jonathan and Michele to our cool little town and making this happen 🙂