Local Color: Scott Spradley…Photographer Extraordinaire in the making…

In the days when Flagler Beach was actually the iconic fishing village seasoned locals reminisce about, Scott Spradley would periodically visit from the hills of North Carolina with his grandparents. Now fifty years later Scott is a beach-side resident and business owner and can’t imagine his life being any different.


Scott Spradley embodies Local Color and his beautiful photos prove the point. Scott’s budding photography skills first started as a way to share or perhaps show off his glorious mornings in the sun with landlocked friends in Orlando (he is also one of the reasons that I take my sunrise photos:). As the popularity of the photos increased so has his interest in the picture taking process. Recently upgrading to a more professional rig, Scott realized he would need some classes to understand all the new features his equipment possessed. He also joined the Flagler Beach Photography Club headed up by local professional photographer Ed Siarkowicz in order to hone his skills and creativity behind the lens and his efforts have payed off.   Scott is now one of the featured artists at the local gallery  GOLA steadily selling prints of the landscapes he calls home . Hoping to increase his following and repertoire to include more wildlife photos, Scott still remains that this is a hobby and enjoys the fact that it complements his real life which is as a Bankruptcy Lawyer for over 25 years. The bonus is his daughter has also taken up his passion and now they can go on photo shoot adventures together.



However that’s just the beginning of interesting things Scott likes to spend time doing…he also has a weather station at his house and is working on a local up to the minute weather report website exclusive to Flagler Beach, which will be live sooner than later at www.flaglerweather.com And the newest toy to strike his fancy is a drone which he has named Hally. He has been flying her over the beach checking out the waves, maybe trying to spot Katherine the great white shark  or better yet one of the right whales visiting here to give birth.


But all the goodness in his life, his rescue dog Wilson included (Scott is an avid supporter of Greyhound rescue)

scott_wilson stems from a life changing moment in which Scott became sober and recently celebrated 4 years this past October. He is large supporter and a voice of AA and NA in our community and understands that there is a need and a want from people to have a better life…picture perfect if for a moment or many …

especially when they can look like this.


For more info: like Bankruptcy advice or to buy a Print 🙂

Law Offices of Scott Spradley, PA

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  • Flagler Beach, Florida 32136
  • (386) 693-4935
  • www.flaglerbeachlaw.com
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Here’s one of Scott’s latest drone adventures~