Ahhh the sounds of Vacation… A contest!



It’s March and everyone is probably ready for a VACATION!

I know that after a couple of days in the sun I’m feeling great and then these dreaded gray skies make there appearance and my energy level and mood fall to the ground like a coquina rock, leaving bits and pieces of shell everywhere.

Old Man Winter just doesn’t want to let go…so we will just have to imagine that it’s coming to an end… because it will eventually.

So in honor of Bike Week and Spring Break this month’s contest is…

What is your best memory of Vacation or Staycation in Flagler Beach?

The moment didn’t have to actually occur in Flagler but at least comfortable driving distance in the car with kiddos- who tend to argue after too much sitting.  Is it obvious that I’m also looking for some great ideas for our family staycation coming up at the end of the month:)  So that’s pretty easy right?

Rules to Play:

Just leave one of your best Flagler Beach vacation or staycation moments in the comments section…

Website only–Comments on Facebook will not count as entries.

The winner will be chosen at random on March 24th– our first official day of Spring Break!

*Out of Towners* you can just plan another vacation if you win 0r give it someone you love that lives here and will let you sleep on their couch.

 And the prize you ask…why a $25 Gift Certificate graciously donated by:

fuego_1Because how can you not feel like you are on Vacation when having a margarita by a blazing fire pit looking out over the moonlit ocean. Yes, I do believe I live in Paradise…most of the time.

Cheers and Good Luck reliving all those great memories-