In My Belly: Kahuna Surf Subs

I am a sandwich person.  I’m not snob however being extremely content with turkey, cheese and a handful of  toppings and condiments.  When I was a half pint my sandwich of choice was baloney and mayonnaise (how fabulous is a fried baloney sandwich!!)  or even tunafish with fritos stuck in the mix- Yum! By the age of four I knew that I preferred Helmans to Miracle Whip (as far as I am concerned the whip is only good for removing dead skin off the epidermis…just my opinion:)  But really you can eat almost anything in sandwich form and the best part is their portability, meaning beach friendly!   So when lunch time rolled around the other afternoon, the fam and I decided to give the new Kahuna Surf Subs a try…so not disappointed.


Upon walking in the newly renovated space, I  had a hard time veering away from my “go to” but I like living on the wild side and gave the Bahn Mi a try- totally delicious.  The taste was on point- the veggies crispy and the bread was great quality.  Papa Bear went straight for Kahuna Jerk (he loves spicy/ sweet and has already been back for a second one.) Special K is a ham fan and said that he never needs to eat another Subway or Publix sub again– that’s a very…big… deal.


They happened to be out of roast beef that day so I look forward to going back for an Italian Beef soon and a few weeks back I made a quick visit and had some delish beef stew… so soup is also an option.

But the best part- aside from being able to enjoy tasty food and listen to the ocean, the owner is great guy…

So if you are hungry for lunch, give Kahuna Surf Subs the business and tell Casey– Flagler Surf said so:)

KSS collage

Tue – Thu:11:00 am – 5:00 pm  Fri – Sun:11:00 am – 7:00 pm

106 S. 6th Street, Flagler Beach

(386) 793-7827

Cheers and Happy Eating!


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