Local Color: Travis Luther…art in the making.

It’s a blessing when you can find a positive outlet to help relieve the stresses of life,  it’s a gift when that outlet transforms a negative feeling into a work of art.  Meet Travis Luther, a self-taught artist who in real life works in psychiatry at a local hospital but when the time card clicks, expressing his thoughts through a paint brush is on the forefront of his mind.


I first met Travis last year during a Flagler Fine Art Festival event.  His canvases were mainly surfboards so naturally I was intrigued to take a closer look.  His clean drawing style represents what I would like to find for myself one day.  I asked him if art ran in his blood and he replied, “Art is my therapy.  Turning to art helps to get away from reality and releases the toxic thought process.  When everything is wrong Art is right.”



While Travis has explored many realms of artistic media, these days he has been dipping his talent into acrylic paints, stating that he is too impatient for oil painting and likes the quick process acrylics offer.  He was also recently encouraged by a good friend and talented artist Onicas Gaddis to “break loose and just paint” during a collaboration piece, pushing him outside of his comfort zone.  Their time together  inspired Travis on more  levels than just his painting skills.  Realizing that because he has a full time job, painting will never suffer the burden of becoming something he has to do and will always be that place in which he can receive a boost when his soul requires it.  He also recognized that if he were to loose everything, he would still have his love of painting.  But being an emotional painter has its drawbacks.  Travis was doing a live painting with several other artists one evening at The Starving Artist Gallery.  He was having a great time but unfortunately his jovial mood did not reflect well in his painting that evening, at least that’s his interpretation.

Onicas also encouraged Travis to start painting bigger.   Spending a small fortune on canvases is daunting and also prohibits the creative juices from flowing.  Travis solved both these problems by building his own wood canvases.  A seemingly endless supply of boxes has allowed Travis to go big and create enough pieces for a one man show… the one goal Travis has for his art.  With the wonderful support from his wife and the fabulous ladies at The Starving Artist it is all possible.  Until then Travis will just keep creating…




travis collage








If you happen to take a picture of Travis painting live at an art walk or decorating  the local chalkboard hashtag it… #iamtheartistsnoz (means embracing the characteristics that you make you extraordinary.)

Want to see some of Travis’s work up close and personal swing by The Starving Artist: 28 Cuna Street, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084 

Find out more about Travis and what he is painting next by becoming a fan of his Facebook page.

Until next time… keep looking for the “Color in Life.” Cheers, Carla Michelle