Writing can change the world.

I remember the moment clearly… I was a struggling and confused nineteen-year-old living in Cardiff By The Sea, California, trying to figure out my place in the world. I found myself writing daily, as if I would come to some stabilizing life conclusions through scribbling with a pencil. That particular day I was sitting next to the big picture window in the living room, basking in the warmth of the sun. I remember writing a sentence in which I expressed the desire to change the way we educate children and then reacted to my own thought as if it had jumped on to the page by its own accord. Perhaps in my depression I was subconsciously reflecting on the last few years of high school, when I had become uninspired with learning and life in general. If it weren’t for a few amazing teachers I probably would have dropped out of school completely, however no one person was able to save me from myself. Emotions aside, so many years ago I placed an idea out into the universe and now I am in a position to inspire children through education. Full circle~


It’s ironic we preach that ultimate success is found when you are able to “do what you love” and yet there is not more emphasis on “loving what you learn.” Inspiring children is as important if not more important than merely educating them. There needs to be a spark~

One of my sparks has been a friend named Josh…he died in a car accident several years ago but it’s because of him that my journey has taken a turn into another chapter of life in which the rewards are far greater than wealth. I have now been on the board of the Flagler County Education Foundation for two years and while there are days I wonder why I have decided to make my life as complicated and busy as possible, I wouldn’t change anything.

Please take a moment to watch this wonderful video by Caitlin Peterson about the Josh Crews Writing Project– a labor of love made possible by family, friends, teachers, parents and of course Flagler County Students:)) This video debuted at our book signing with over 100 people in attendance.  The published authors made displays to showcase their talents and personalities as well as why they felt the writing project was important to them.


This years published anthology of writing:)




If you would like to learn more about the Flagler County Education Foundation or to get involved please contact me :)) [email protected]

As for being a writer…I’ll never forget some wisdom Josh shared with me during one of the last moments we had together~https://flaglersurf.com/blog/2010/11/23/a-tribute-to-one-of-flaglers-finest/