Please don’t make me cross the bridge…

“But what does that mean?”  I was asked one day while out peddling my shirts.

At first my reply was going to be that I really don’t like getting into my car and going anywhere, much less “over there.”  Perhaps it’s because I’m lazy but really I think it’s because I am content.   And so instead my answer became…Please don’t make me cross the bridge means simplicity.  It means that if I plan correctly everything I need to live comfortably can be found right here at my fingertips. It means I am happy with what I have, feel good where I am at and am fine going slow.  I am also very fortunate…because I have a choice to cross the bridge or not.

You can now purchase Please don’t make me cross the Bridge shirts at Flagler Beach Gift Shop and A1 Surf Shop.


Other designs also available:

sunrise WG-in-training


beach-bum funky

All designs will soon be for sale online here :)! And never fear there are more designs and colors (like tie-dye:)) coming for your wearing pleasure…

Flagler Surf will also be at Flagler Beach First Friday with select shirts and Original Art- so come by and say Hello– June 6th– 6-9 pm, Veterans Park

Thanks so very much for your support- Cheers and hope you find all your bridge crossings to somewhere you want to be~