Why yes, I am talking trash!

Common sense is not always common- and ignorance is not bliss when you are talking trash.  And boy oh boy there’s been quite of bit of that lately.

For some reason folks who are visiting our beautiful beach, soaking up the sun and living the dream do not feel that they need to remove their garbage to a designated receptacle once their day is done.  It’s been going on for way too long and while most people I know always go out of their way to pick up the excess, it’s really just getting ridiculous.  And the locals are fucking over it.  Excuse my french~

So…it takes just one person and this one person happens to be 4 (Malakiyah Grace) with a well connected father (AJ Neste) who knows how to make a couple phone calls and put the word out on the street that it’s time to take action.

So join the people who love living here in a Locals Beach Cleanup…

love our beach


This event is sponsored by Flomotion– who immediately jumped on board to help fight the cause and the Flagler Surf Club- the stewards of the beach and surfing lifestyle.  Flagler Surf will also be handing out a limited supply of  Please, Don’t make me cross the Bridge shirts…

And while I’m up here cussing on my soap box I might as well add that there is a city ordinance that restricts people from letting balloons go at the oceans edge and walking on the sand dunes!

ImageI came upon these one sunrise morning- popped em and threw them away, gritting my teeth~

It is so unfortunate when I see people who think that maybe their bouquet of balloons will just disappear into the clouds, as they let them float off towards the horizon.  WEll they DON’T!! and I will spare you the photos of where they actually might end up.  It is also unfortunate when folks trample down the sand dunes with their coolers and beach gear.  We need the dunes, they protect the road you use to get to the beach!  So perhaps we all just need to speak up a little louder and let people know that this behavior is just not acceptable.   On the flip side, the best part of all this is… we live in a small awesome beach town and we can totally turn this around, making  positive things happen!  So join us this Sunday…there will be bags and gloves available, however I encourage you to bring your own water in a reusable container…lets not add to the trash-Right?!

Cheers to making a difference!!