Beach Life: why Knot?

I am trying to get back into a groove, writing consistantly about a certain subject on a certain day.  This is completely for my benefit because when you have a hard time focusing… you never get anything done, or finished or even remember……. wait, what was I doing?

Sooo…last summer (when I was trying this thing called routine and order) I referred to this particular spot as Spontaneous Tuesday (cause it’s Tuesday- and I’m so spontaneous) but I’m not really feeling that feeling anymore since I’m trying to be a planner. (Hahaha says the little evil clown that lives behind my left ear.)  And with the lovely suggestion from my mother, I am now ordaining this moment Beach Life (obviously because I live at the beach and from my poor writing skills, clearly I need a life.)

Aren’t you lucky!

And what could be more important when living at the beach than maintaining those beautiful locks of hair while out tanning the body or running around chasing your children from certain death.

funny hair

(Photo Hijacked- this is not me on a bad day 🙂 click on pic for link)

The tip: rub conditioner into your hair before you go, that way your hair absorbs the moisturzing formula before it is subjected to the drying out effects of salt water and good ole sunshine.  This is also mega important before heading out to the pool, if you don’t have an ocean to jump in to.  If you forget your conditioner, douse that mane into some fresh water…absorption is absorption. Once the follicle is filled there’s not much more space for anything else.  (funny, i always thought the “rinse before entering pool” signs were for torture only, but now I’m gonna give it go- i’ve had green chlorinated hair before- no thanks!)

So there you go… hope you have beautiful day and your hair looks great too~

This info was given willingly by Keelyn Eickert, Stylist at The Glass Ceiling Hair Salon & Boutique.

glass ceiling