Beach Life: #SmileitsSummer

Today is July 1st and exactly three 24 hour cycles until one of my favorite holidays.  Independence Day.  My star spangled memories of  July 4th are carried all the way back with hands in the air to the ripe old age of four.  Pure happiness was spending the day at the beach getting sand in my pants , eating foods that lived outside the daily three squares and drifting off to sleep with a serenade from a heart thumping, blaze of glory light show.

 Independence Day was when I began to discover my independence.


Good ole Flagler Beach watermelon eating contest-Circa 1980

These days things for me have simmered down, but they are no less exciting.  Flagler Beach fills to near maximum capacity and I love being a people gazer.  Folks post up in every nook and cranny to enjoy the ocean’s charms and then come back for a second round in the darkness to see the light.  The coming down part is the endless stream of headlights shining towards home and the piles of trash left in their wake.  That is definitly a major drawback…to any event, large or small.  But I’m not trying to be downer…so heads up cause it’s time to announce the winner of #SmileitsSummer.  Watch the short video to see who is the recipient of the $399.00 Tooth Whitening gift certificate from Flagler Dental! Awesome:)