Naturally Cool…Being Naked!

At first my plan was to write about something green, with roots and medicinal qualities. Interesting, perhaps, but it doesn’t compare in any way to the art and form of the naked body. We all came in to this world Naked…so it’s 100% natural and for most pretty cool. Today I witnessed Naked and it was hilarious.

Most every morning I cruise up to the edge of North America and snap a picture of giant spherical object with magnetic fields and hot plasma rising from the ocean. This morning was no different except that Arthur was being all tropical storm like and making a washing machine out of the Atlantic. I was surprised to see some people out swimming in the turbulence but understood wanting to be a part of Mother Nature’s awesomeness. I kept a small eye on the two folks only because I had been a lifeguard in the past and once a lifeguard always a lifeguard. Otherwise I paid them no real attention, until they started to emerge from the water.


At first I thought they were wearing matching ridiculous bathing suits that I had just seen posted on Facebook. And then I realized they were naked. Sharing a romantic moment with an intense low pressure sounds awfully fun and exciting, except the part about strong currents that cause you to drift several blocks away from your clothes, very rapidly. I’m not sure they took that detail into consideration when first deciding to take the plunge, but they did not seem overly concerned as they waded knee deep, trudging against the hostile white waters. Hands covering their most private possessions, they slowly made their way back to ground zero. I couldn’t help but watch and chuckled to myself out loud as an unsuspecting dog walker got caught in their path. Oh the story she must have told her friends today.

 You just never know what you may find at the beach- Cheers to Skinny Dipping and Hurricanes!