#TBT…please use wooden dune walks.

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Flagler Beach is gearing up for the biggest event of the year tomorrow…July 4th!  The day when all the west county folks pull on their only pair of shorts and come to the beach for a good time.  That was actually a quote from a friend of mine Mark Seay,  from way back and I believed every word of it:)  And while there are some awesome memories to recall like the McNitt’s fancy lawn mower engine powered blender that they used to crank up and make Pina Coladas during the parade, the couch that sat up on the beach at 5th street dune walk during the day and then was set on fire to wind down the night or the paddle out with coolers tied to surfboard leashes watching the fireworks from the water… There is still the very serious fact that certain rules need to be maintained…like cleaning up after yourself and not walking on the dunes.  Lets preserve what we are here to enjoy…oh and don’t hurt anybody or dround drown- that would be terrible!

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July- from Flagler Surf!

and three cheers to Santore and Sons fireworks show- I’m sure it’s gonna be Fabulous!

swim at risk