Reflections: Hey look at me!

I am always reflecting on one moment or another…sometimes I am giving myself a hard time, other times a pat on the back.  This year has been a healthy dose of both.  That said I am pretty stoked I was able to scratch another item off the bucket list and have made a T-shirt people are talking about…and want to wear.  The hard part has been following up with that small success and keeping the energy flowing.  I am learning this process and am thankful to the folks who are continuing to support me.  One of these days I will get it all figured out and all those shirts printed!  Just know that I do work hard to make things happen-

  However in case you missed it… People don’t want to cross the Bridge in other parts of the world too…Flagler Surf is global!

laura perkins


Laura Perkins was wearing her favorite shirt when she traveled to Uganda, Africa to help at a school in the village of Tiega. Thanks so much for the love Laura!!


My sis Celena hooked it up on her adventure in Peru…and No- there’s no way I’d want to cross that bridge!!!

Flagler Surf original T’s are now available at:



A-1 surf and skate

They will also be available on the site soon…it’s a learning process figuring all this stuff out. Not to mention that it takes forever!

By the way…if you need a “Please don’t make me cross the Bridge” shirt for your town…send me an email

[email protected]

Cheers and have a great day!!