Beach Life: Living on Island Time

island time photo

There’s a certain lifestyle carved out by folks who have slowed their pace down to chillin out…its called living on Island Time.

Defined By Urban Dictionary: The time vacuum created by the ocean’s presence. Similar to stoner’s time, everything moves nice and slow. This carefree aura even has the ability to travel with islanders and can engulf you in their presence.

What did you do today?

Well after my second nap, I sat around, looked out the window and had a cocktail.

I am on island time.

This way of life is not conducive to the people who operate at full steam almost 16-20 hours a day… it’s completely oil and water.

These days my life seems to be hurdling towards the future, like my son’s quick toss of a Lacrosse Ball. I find myself resisting, gasping for air and usually end up melting before having the ability to just shut it all down for a moment. Part of the reason is I feel driven towards achievement; the other component of this complex life puzzle is that we have allowed ourselves, through technology, to always be on… There is no time in the day or night when you cannot be doing something!  In fact, right now I have been up for several hours (it’s 5 am) marking tasks off my proverbial to-do list. Craziness! And the worse part is that I have joined the ranks of people who are filling up the small parts of open space in their life with nonsense. I have become addicted to always being on…mainlining noise pollution into my brain. I have a problem.

But no worries, I’m not checking out…I’m just looking for some balance. I want to ultimately slow down, cruise around in a van (RV) down by a river (4-6ft/ 8ft sets -glassy point break) but I realize that I need to work hard for that and I don’t mind…but it doesn’t mean I can’t spend part of my life living on Island Time- you see more that way~

In honor of slowing down and looking for a way to pay for my utopia, I unveil my newest shirt creations.


Feedback welcome-made to order-shipping yes!

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