Naturally Cool…giant sloths at MOAS

The kiddos begged me to take them to the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences…so I did.  For a simple afternoon outing we had a great time.  The museum however is going through some major changes and expanding into a more robust waistline.  Surely to be easy on the eyes, but until the makeover is complete, now is not the best time for a visit.  But my children are pretty simple and anything outside the ordinary living spaces is usually 5 stars.

Upon arrival we first toured the Root Family exhibit of their racing cars, Coca Cola memorabilia and extensive stuffed bear collection (a little bit creepy I have to say.)   We quickly moved on to the Cuban, African and Chinese collections and also the visible storage area.  This showcase of random historical valuables was pretty cool as there was something that appealed to each of our age brackets.  But the crowd favorite was the skeleton of giant ground sloth.  This life sized display ultimately lead to a discussion of life with monsters, dinosaurs and of course other scary animals that could eat you, like crocodiles.


Saving the best for last was the children’s section.  This area is sharing some of that construction, destruction and half of it is sadly boarded up.  We still managed to spend more than an hour discovering, building and testing our strength and I actually had to give the standard “15 more minutes and its time to leave” statement, peeling the kids away from building a race car.  I was thankful that it wasn’t very busy and each station was available for exploration the majority of our visit.  All in all it was a good time and I am looking forward to returning when the  Planetarium will be open, especially for laser light rock concerts. They will dig that!







Until then- Be cool, Naturally 🙂 Cheers!