Hey…Go fly a kite!

If you live in Flagler Beach then you may have noticed some new beach goers visiting the area. They are kind of on the large side, very colorful, they wave and dance around a lot and everyone loves them…the kites.


They can usually be seen on Thursday evenings, to coincide with the $10 shrimp special going on at High Jackers. I have stopped once to look in awe and snap a photo. Tonight was the second time I had an opportunity to witness the beautiful display in person and as I got into position for my very important picture, I suddenly decided that I wanted to meet the owner’s of these amazing kites in person. I did just that…except that like a total knucklehead I left my van running the whole entire time!! Thank goodness everyone was looking up at the sky and no one was paying attention to my ridiculousness. Yikes!

It didn’t take Lil’ P and I very long to find the small group of people who seemed to be looking after the kites rather than looking up at them. I started asking a bunch of questions but unfortunately didn’t bring anything to write with…remember, this was very impromptu; my car was parked and still running.

This is what I can recall from our conversation: The owner of the kites is a lady named Sue along with her husband Richard. They live in the area part time being relatively new to Flagler. Sue has over 400 kites in her collection and makes many of them herself. They are her passion.

It was very nice to meet Sue, hope she and her kites decide to stay a while~

For more info you can find  these kite lovers at We-Kite. And if you can’t make it in person be sure to get a glimpse from the webcam :))