Ode to the Web Cam

There once was a web cam that watched the waves flow, the sun rise up and the wind often blow.

It witnessed a palm tree grow, cars, trucks and vans come and go.

Birds and planes zoom through the sky, fireworks, parades and spectacular kites flying by.

Sometimes it had bags and stickers cover its view, folks talking ugly, unhappy others knew.

It had been placed very carefully in that particular spot, by a guy on a computer, stuck in a box.

It made the guys life better, when he could catch an ocean view.

He shared his gift with others and that’s how Flagler Surf became true blue.

Thinking that maybe there should be a little more, the guy in the box searched along the ocean’s shore.

There was a girl who happened to be wandering around; she liked to write stories about things in her town.

The guy in the box asked if she liked to join the web cam view….she thought for a moment and said, “Why I’d love too!”

Several memories later and an opportunity came, the guy in the box moved far, far away.

He told the wandering girl if she wanted to keep up the view, that it was her responsibility to know what to do.

Fortunately for her…he’d be there to help in a pinch but it seemed like nothing was ever,ever a cinch.

And so the days passed and the view started to grow.

The web cam became known by folks wanting to know.

Life at the beach is a magical thing and sometimes just a glimpse is enough… until you can have the real thing.

It made peoples day for a moment of ocean, so when the web cam died there was so much emotion.

The wandering girl knew she would have to get it fixed, having no idea what steps to take next.

There was a fix-it dude, who just loved the cam and brought out his tools and capable hands.

The guy in the box, lived so far away. The camera needed to be working until he could say…

Then an old friend happened to be in town, he talks to computers and understands when they frown.

Let’s not forget, the office where it’s all plugged in…so thankful they laugh day after day of having to let us come in.

Between them four, the camera is alive once again….with occasional glitches, that’s technology my friends.

There have been many moments when wandering girl almost gave up…but her heart is there and she keeps looking up.

And so to end this sweet little rhyme, there is one more need to cross the line.

If you love the web cam view, then perhaps you’d be willing to part with a few.

All it takes is a couple dollars to make the world go round- and when everyone helps it adds up to pounds.

Only do it if it feels good inside, otherwise no worries and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for listening and have a great day…don’t forget to tune in as I’m sure there will be more to say!

Many Thanks and Cheers to you all!

Especially to the ones who have helped and donated!!


To donate – send checks or cash to Flagler Surf, PO Box 262, Flagler Beach, Fl 32136

Or use Paypal 🙂

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