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It has been anything but quiet at All-Star headquarters as folks have been picking up trash all over the place.

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And while the beach is looking cleaner, the objective to get people to stop acting trashy still needs work. That’s why it is time to get serious and involve the law. The goal is to inform people and give them a chance to not act like slobs, however some folks have filled their brains with so much mindless junk that they cannot seem to comprehend the idea of not trashing a place they go to enjoy. Forgive my grossness…but it’s like pooping in your own shower.

So now that I have completely ruined your moment of Zen with a terrible visual, I am glad to say that the Flagler Beach Police Department has committed to rewarding litter violators with a ticket of up to $500. (Probably the only ticket handed out we can agree on!) Captain Matt has added this information to informative handouts that will circulate to all hotel rooms in Flagler Beach, has sent a press release to news media outlets and is doing radio promos with the local station Surf 97.3. To further this message the police department and FB All-stars will work with Tom Gillin and the FB Lifeguards on informing our visiting beach goers that litter violations are being taken very serious. We will prevail!

capt. mattWatch out for these guys…

This leads into the next part of the equation. In the next week or soooo….we will be cruising around to local businesses asking them to join the mission and become FB All-Stars Ambassadors. We are asking businesses to have their staff enlighten customers of our Clean Beach-Town Policies and educate them on the new enforcement of litter violations. The word will begin to spread that if you leave your trash behind, you will pay dearly.

And what goes better with trash than…Turtle Season… officially starting May 1st.  Here’s something you may not know- There is an ordinance against setting balloons free at the beach and the number one piece of garbage being found in the bellies of turtles are plastic straw wrappers from juice boxes. Crazy!

So if your are a business and want to get involved now- download the agreement here: All-Atar Agreement. Then take a picture of you with signed copy and post it to our Facebook Page! If you are not a business then make it your business to let everyone you know: If you throw your trash on the ground…you are going down! (sorry, I just went into dork mode)

Ta-Da we are creating a movement! Come on folks, lets make this happen…if not for you…do it for the turtles.

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Coming Very Soon- Shade out Melanoma with Shade Sails in Wickline Park!