Using my powers for good, not evil…in Flagler Beach.


Every day I am fortunate to wake up… and most of these days I start my morning with a quick ride on my skateboard to snap a picture of the amazing sunrise and then share it with the world. Sometimes the moment gets lost in the details and composition of the photograph, other times I am able to quiet my mind and just be thankful. Today my thoughts drifted to a little boy I know and love fighting for his survival. It quickly puts life into perspective, but it also reminds me of the many reasons why I love living here. As different people around me, from all walks of life, struggle with circumstances beyond their control, the village I live in quickly comes to their rescue.

Flagler Beach is a beautiful, majestic place that should be treasured, but it truly is the people who live here that make it shine.

I am thankful for the honor to represent this little slice of paradise with my voice and can only hope that my words will resonate truth. My vision is to be surrounded by folks who enjoy the simplicities of life, complexities of Mother Nature and are willing to help others in need. I will continue to attempt using my powers for good and hope that you will do the same.