If you only knew.

I don’t know if it’s because I have been sick, trapped inside the house or allotted a little more time on my hands, but I am really starting to freak out, in the calmest way of course.

What am I talking about…I- don’t- know- what- I- am- doing!
(Now publicly exposed without anyone needing to call the law for indecency :))

The only way I can explain it is that I have a bunch of puzzles, not just one, a bunch. And some of the puzzles have their borders intact but are missing pieces on the inside and some of the puzzles have clear pictures put together but are missing the edges that will keep them from falling apart. That is my life.

The ideal goal would be to have all the puzzles fit together, but I keep moving back and forth from each one so much that it’s just becoming a great big mess.
Are you puzzled yet about what it going on in my mind? I am!

So here’s the deal. I am not a fan of April Fools Day- so this is not a joke. But it is an easy day to remember the moment when I put out to the universe “I need help.”

6-27-13 Sunrise

I wonder what will happen now…stay tuned.

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