Mother’s Day Throwback

It feels great to be celebrated, even if on your special day you find yourself cleaning the living room while your entire family is eating at your Mother’s Day brunch next door. #True Story

Being a mom is truly the hardest job I will ever have and I am so thankful I accepted it blindly, armed with 100% ignorance loaded in both front pockets of my skinny jeans. Just kidding, I have never owned skinny jeans, just really tight ones and I’m not quite sure you can fit very much in their pockets.

But when the moments are good…they are phenomenal!

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One of those moments happens to be a new family tradition …The MayDay Memorial Surf Classic.

A grassroots surf contest in honor of a Flagler Beach local mom who passed away from heart disease. It’s organized by her daughter, Professional Surfer Haley Watson, and is growing in popularity every year.  The best part, aside from getting to spend a day on the beach with my family and friends, is that my daughter is a participant.  She surfs the minnows division, a non-judged heat where an adult pushes little kiddos into waves. It is so much fun to watch smiles erupt from small faces lathered in sunscreen!  The other best part is getting to surf in the mommies division. Between you and I, I had always wanted to get into competitive surfing but was never really good enough. Then time slipped away and the motivation went with it.  Now years later I get to cross it off my list and instead of feeling pressure (there is absolutely no judgment) paddle out with a bunch of lady friends and just surf.  So much fun!

So after mopping the floor with my tears of frustration, I did eventually get to stuff my cheeks with delicious food and enjoy some great company that particular Mother’s Day.  The memory serves as a reminder that I won’t always get the Calgon moments I think I deserve, but the balance of life will shift and tears of happiness will also fall.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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