Reality…or is it?

Outward appareances are just that…an appearance. The true story that lies within is often completely different.
I recently experienced the first moment of my summer reality check. I had barely stepped a couple hours into the long awaited break before the facade of bubbles, laughter and ice cream exploded into a raging fit of nonsense. I had been preparing for summer for weeks and can honestly say that there were days I was more excited than my children about it’s forthcoming. I was looking for the break in rules, schedules and ready to embellish a free wheeling spirit while gliding through the day barefooted in bathing suits.

For a moment it started out like that, me and my smallest child, chatting about how we would like our future days to unfold. Visualizing morning walks on the beach, some picnic lunches, relaxing—you know, like in the movies.   As we happily discussed book titles we should read and businesses we could start, we were actually in our bathing suits headed to the beach. We made it to the sand, were presented with a paradise oasis and had barely a soul to share it with. It was Amazing!

I began to set up camp and then it happened. Apparently I chanted some magical words that would transform my darling cherub into a screaming banshee and turn our nirvana into purgatory….SUNSCREEN…. What unfolded next has never occurred with the intensity I was experiencing out there…in the public. I mean, we have had our battles, but the rule is you have to wear sunscreen and I am not going to argue about it.  This life lesson comes from a friend who sadly passed away at age 28 from Melanoma…#bowlersayswearyoursunscreen But there I was, holding the aerosol can (which I actually detest using but will for simplicity at certain given moments) trying to spray down her shoulders and back. I had loosely grabbed her golden locks so I could get more screen on her body than her hair, while doing so she began to scream, “you are torturing me! you are torturing me!!” What the hell? Am I on TV? Did someone secretly jump out from the rocks and bribe my kid with candy so they could video tape me loosing my mind. But I held fast to my composure and calmly (that could be debatable) gathered up all our crap and headed to the walkway. This was insanity and we were going home. Barely making it to the golf cart, our conversation over the next few minutes between gasping sobs yielded prized possessions being confiscated, incarceration in the bedroom and sentences to be written. Holy Cow…is this how summer is going to be?!

To be fair, I knew it was coming. I didn’t know it would arrive just as I was about to relax on the beach, but I could see the behavior on the horizon and was mentally preparing for it.  I am actually glad we are getting it out of the way now.


We have had a very busy year and I could feel the need to spend some quality time with my little.
We have desperately needed to re-connect.

So now a couple of days have passed and things have significantly improved. We both decided that sunscreen should be applied at home if possible and are both focusing on trying to make better choices. I am once again looking forward to lazy beach days and am sure this will be a summer to remember.

Cheers and thanks for being here!

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