Summer Treasure…and a contest!

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Summer is here and the best way to cool down is by cruising over to the beach…if you live in Flagler that is.

These days my kiddos are old enough to frolic in the ocean without me hovering over them like a turkey vulture circling the dumpster. That leaves me with somewhat peaceful moments to get lost in my shell collecting or just to simply daydream. However… my thoughts are usually interrupted by screams of “Mom, watch this! or He’s scaring me!”   The other day was no exception. So when my oldest started with “Hey mom, check out what I just found! A pair of sunglasses! Followed by my little crying, “No fair, I want a pair of sunglasses! How come I don’t get to find any?” I knew a lengthy life explanation of “how life isn’t fair” downgraded to a 6 year old point of view was going to be the center of our day’s discussion.

And then…miraculously…just minutes later, the little found her own pair of sunglasses gone adrift in the calm ocean waters. How lucky for all of us! By this time my attention was at the water’s edge, wondering if there was any more treasure to be found. One of my favorite pair of glasses were found in the ocean.  It was in the next moment I caught a glimpse of a dark object and couldn’t believe that it was another pair of glasses. Wow!

At this point I started to envision a small boat of folks and a rogue wave dumping them and all their stuff into the water. It’s painful loosing your things that way and even worse when the sun is suddenly blaring into your eyes.  So when I found yet another pair (((4))) my vision of capsized visitors was completely confirmed. I could not believe it. I mean I have found and lost many pairs of glasses in my lifetime…but never four in less than 30 minutes and while staying virtually in the same spot on the beach!

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So then of course I knew I had to take a photo to document this anomaly!   How crazy I kept thinking to myself as I began to coerce my children from their aquatic habitat, I mean we should probably head straight up to the 7-11 and buy lottery tickets. And then out of the corner of my eye…I spotted sitting on the sand…one more pair! For one, I am pretty sure I had walked by that spot looking for shells and couldn’t believe I didn’t see them until this moment. But really, five freaking pairs of sunglasses, while hanging out in the same spot! This must be a Guinness World Record, I am sure of it. So of course back to my phone for another picture and then the thought struck me…

I should make it into a contest! Which I did today posted on Facebook.

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And the winner who guessed 5 Sunglasses first is:
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.47.54 PM

You win some Greeting Cards…made by yours truly.
So now you can write people you love a note and tell them your story.
Just send me an email to [email protected] with your address and I’ll send them off!

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As for the fate of the sunglasses…The first pair found were definitly the best and since my son spotted them, he has rightfully claimed the glasses as his own.  However, he doesn’t wear sunglasses so I foresee myself sporting some new shades in the future. The rest will go into a drawer to be used when I will most likely loose my current pair. And the cycles continues.

On the rare chance that you can identify any of these lost sunglasses as your own…we will be more than happy to return them to you!
Until then-Cheers and Happy Treasure Finding to you all!