Feel good Friday!


Short and Sweet.  Garbage makes me crazy. I see it everywhere. I see people walk right past it without one thought to pick it up, which drives me even more crazy. And the folks who just leave it…well, even though I consider myself a very non-confrontational person, I am entering the phase of life where the filter begins to fade and you just can’t hold back how you feel.

But then yesterday I witnessed something very cool. I happened upon two local groms cruising through town with garbage bags picking up litter.  I told them they were doing an awesome job, however I couldn’t help but wonder Why?? I see these kids pretty often and never do they seem very  concerned about cleaning up after themselves nor anyone else.  And then last night the mystery was solved.

Eric Cooley, who owns our local 7-11 and has participated in almost every monthly beach cleanup for the last couple years (he is actually responsible for initiating them) has kindly offered a free drink to any kid who brings him a bag full of trash!

That is so cool and why I like living here! I can’t wait to see how this spreads to other business owners and city officials to get involved and make Flagler Beach the cleanest beach town! We owe it to our water’s edge.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.16.06 AM

Want to get involved…check out the Flagler Beach All-Stars Facebook page for updates and times for our “first Saturday of the month” beach and town cleanups. https://www.facebook.com/flaglerallstars/

And next time you stop in to 7-11 give Eric a High Five for being awesome!