Just do it.

Today marks the first day in my birthday month, which I told myself that I would write a post every day until I was born. I will be turning 41 and quite frankly I feel pretty awesome. Don’t get me wrong…I’m totally waiting for the day my eyesight is supposed to start giving out and body issues are a constant pain. But I’m eating better, drinking less and getting more sleep to offset the backward slide to the end. I am keeping up with my awesome training with Jimmy B at Peak Performance Fitness and even manage to squeeze in a yoga session with Mimi. This helps with the daily struggle of raising amazing kiddos and being a partner in crime to my hard working man.

Life is good comparatively.

But I get caught up…distracted by nonsense, overwhelmed by details, insecure by what seems to be. You just have to keep plugging along and put a smiley face on.

So that’s it- simple and quick. Now here’s the the human part. I created a newsletter and forgot to add the the one sponsor who started this whole journey… Helio Creative. It’s pretty much all his fault and I cannot thank him enough.

Ok. Now sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already so you can be in the cool club (theres a link in the sidebar) and get ready for another post for tomorrow. Cheers and have an awesome day!