But Why?

When I was a kid I was pretty shy. To the extreme of …I’d rather go home sick than through the lunch line at school because you had to tell the hair netted ladies what you wanted on your plate. I did eventually crawl out of that shell and into a character role as I was nominated “Class Clown” both in 8th grade and my senior year, really?  That energy flowed into thoughts of being a radio DJ as I registered into the communications program at Flagler College. I also secretly wanted to do standup comedy but ended up never touching a microphone and unfortunately decided that “school of life” was a better choice. I would later move to California and experience a life changing moment. However, it was during those tumultuous times that my passion for writing began to grow. Expressing my emotions to paper, conveying my thoughts about education, aliens, sugar addictions, anything that struck my fancy. I remember how my penmanship would improve when I was in the groove of contemplation.  Life a few years later and I was having a late night conversation with a stranger at my favorite local dive bar, Poor Walts. I finally professed out loud my desire to write a book. The stranger was very encouraging…I have yet to follow through on the book.  I had also expressed an interest in starting a newsletter and then a magazine.  At the time they would have been your standard paper production with a hefty price tag attached, but with the inter web you can now publish anything for free…and it doesn’t even have to be true. At least I can cross both those items off the to-do list. I did try to go back to school, entering the journalism program at Daytona State. I had an awesome professor, Elena Jarvis, who recommended me for a small writing job she had been offered. Unfortunately I did not pursue the job or anymore schooling and went back to life.

So writing continued to be a hobby that I rarely shared until blogging made it possible. You see when there are so many amazing writers in the universe, you can feel utterly ridiculous presenting your poorly punctuated, run-on sentences. But blogging changed the scene. It gave everyone, whether they had the abilities or not to share their written thoughts with the world. I could now bring my “people of Walmart” writing ability to life with the refusal of using capital letters and an overuse of dots and dashes to disguise my utter lack of English mastery. But as the number of posts began to add up, so did the pressure to write better.

Which leaves me here. I really love to write but the amount of time it takes for me to pound out a couple paragraphs is painful, leaving some big quiet spaces in my writing timeline.  But I like a challenge and that’s why I stated I was going to blog until I was born. While “attempting” to be prepared for these 11 days of writing I went scrolling back through my old personal blog for inspiration. I found some really funny entries and it has sparked an energy that has been missing. It also made me realize that I don’t need all my writing to be profound and worded like a cosmic orchestra. Sometimes it can just be short, simple and funny.

Below are three samples of just that. Hope you enjoy them and thank you for being here.

Aint none of yours. 

Get a job

Feeling the Love