The ugly truth.

Soooooo… we started the Flagler Beach All-Stars to bring awareness to keeping our town trash free and trying to solve simple community issues . I really had no desire to clean up after folks, who clearly know better, but as it happened we have now been hosting monthly beach cleanups for the last several years.  It has been pretty awesome meeting people who just want to help and spending a few hours making your town a better place.  The All-Stars were also an integral part of getting our beaches re-opened after Hurricane Matthew and “taking care of business” on the dirtiest beach day we have, July 5th. We helped motivate a  tremendous showing of volunteers from the real estate community, churches, PAL organization and Flagler County Tourism office and even ended up with a new tradition of handing out garbage bags during the day on July 4th. It is really quite fantastic, considering we are trash talking.

But what I really want to express… in the nicest way possible…is that the most annoying thing I picked up today was cigarette butts. I wasn’t the only one who felt that way…and it happens all the time…
and all I could think about was going home and making this.

So quit leaving your butts laying around…otherwise_

Thanks to everyone who showed up today!
Cheers and see you next month.