February Artist Spotlight: Me

Well… since it was my big idea and I have to do all the writing, I figured maybe I’ll just feature myself as this month’s artist. I also waited til the last minute “of course”… so this is what you get.
*Note* at least my kiddos came up with the questions 🙂 

Why become an artist? (Special K) First, I don’t consider myself an artist yet, but hope to be…one day when I grow up.  There are so many amazing artists out there and I’m realizing I have a lot more time to invest before feeling confident in this craft. However, I have enjoyed drawing my whole life and in the last 13 years started painting. That might sound long but it took me more than 8 years to finish my first piece. I was terrified of messing up and didn’t realize that I could just paint over my mistakes. I had lived with an eraser for way too long. I also experience anxiety when periods of time go by without creating something. I go through the “what if I forgot how to be creative and I can’t remember how to do this moments” which fortunately go away once I can finally get into a zone.  Unfortunately, the zone, seems to be hard to work into my schedule these days, something I am trying to change.  Other than that… being able to love what you do and make others feel good too.. that’s the real deal. And I truly believe it’s in my blood as there is some serious talent and creativity crawling around my family tree!

What are your favorite things to draw/paint? (Lil P) I always enjoy painting suns, the ocean and waves, using mostly acrylic paint or black ink pens.  On my “list” this year I have a goal of painting a portrait.  That will most likely be my breakout performance with oils, which I have yet to try. I am excited and nervous about this challenge but feel that I have to push myself in areas that are uncomfortable in order to get better.

Do you have a plan when you paint? (Lil P) Not usually. A lot of times I am trying to use up extra paint from a project and just start a background that morphs into something…usually suns, ocean and waves. I also am a fidgety doodler. My first painting originated from a phone call that went on way too long, probably with the phone company.  I am starting to try and have a plan. That might help me to finish some of my paintings before my life is over.

Who and What inspires you? (Special K & Lil P) I find nature to be most inspiring, however, my stuff is pretty abstract so sometimes it can also just be a feeling, music or colors. As far as human beans go… currently my list includes: Jay Alders, Eric Abel, Matt Beard, Tara Archer and then there are some locals that I have been following: Danielle Zirk (lived here moons ago, although I never met her) is really beginning to make a name for herself. It’s been very cool to watch her artist journey and amazing progress.  My buddy Matt Beyrer whom I don’t see much of his work anymore, but I’ve known him forever and am so excited for his success. He is amazing and doing awesome!  Another guy, Travis Luther is finding his groove and I am really digging his new work. I admire Fang Ling Lee and another friend of mine that has been getting back to her artist roots, Maggie Mejia. There are more but this list is getting long. 🙂

What are your favorite colors? (Lil P) All of them. But I really fancy aqua blues, teals, magenta, orange, yellow, reds and oranges. I took my one and only painting class through Adult ED in 2005 and the teacher told us that if we paint with colors we like, then we will like our paintings.  Sounded good to me.  

What have been the high points in this artist journey? (me, patting myself on the back) There are a couple moments that I reflect on when starting to get down on myself.  The first one happened in my 8th grade art class at BTMS. Students were asked to submit a design for the Say No To Drugs campaign brochure cover. My illustration was chosen and I was given some accolades at the county school board meeting. Reflecting back, that’s pretty cool. The other was during my drawing class at Daytona State with Professor Pamela Griesinger. At the beginning of the semester she asked us what our objectives were and all our answers were pretty much the same, Graphic Design. I remember her less than enthusiastic response to each of us as she was probably envisioning an over-saturated market with sub par talent. At the end of the semester Prof. Griesinger approached me and suggested I enroll in her drawing 3 class and continue pursuing my future in design. I took it as a huge compliment, as she is an amazing artist and wonderful teacher. I did not take her advice, however, I am grateful I did not leave the path entirely, it’s just a been a little longer and harder road. But that’s okay as I am always excited for the future and very thankful to all the people who have been supporting my journey. Their love and admiration for my creative flow keeps me moving forward. Oh and I made a promise to a great friend who bought my first painting… I told him, “One day I’m going to be famous and that will be worth something.”
So Miah, I’m staying the course.


The doodle sketch… and first painting:

First painting sold to
Dr. Jeremiah Mahoney

First commissioned piece by
Carol & Jeff Beachhouse Beanery

Sample of Past Work:

Current Work in Progress: 
These days my art can be found at Flagler Surf Art & Stuff and hanging in The Island Grille.
Commission work accepted 🙂
Come visit me and check out the other awesome local art and crafts that fill my space!

Other local places filled with cool art and inspiration:
Salvo Art Project 
Ocean Art Gallery
Flagler County Art League
Baliker Gallery
Simple Gestures
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Cheers and thanks for being here.