Local Color: Stewart Maxcy

March has arrived and as promised to myself, here is the second artist interview. Introducing Stewart Maxcy, a man who feels most comfortable these days with a paintbrush in his hands.

Mr. Maxcy was my kindergarten art teacher at Bunnell Elementary.  It’s one of my favorite things to say when people stroll into the store and catch themselves admiring his work.  His vibrant colors and style showcase his favorite subjects to paint… our beloved ocean and the creatures who inhabit it’s wondrous spaces.

Maxcy started his artist journey around the age of 13, escaping into his doodles while sitting in school. These fidgety driven, creative moments may have temporarily gotten him in trouble, but the lines drawn were a direct route to a successful future as an illustrator and cartoonist, providing work for newspapers, magazines, freelance contracts and t-shirt designs. Later on he transitioned into the education groove, sharing his art enthusiasm with students, teaching them that there are no mistakes in creativity. Maxcy states, “ It’s sometimes the mistakes that make your art so cool!”

Maxcy did not get in to painting until much later when he completed a big mural for a private residence. It was a landscape piece complete with birds and faux finishes.  He then recreated the famous “Loop” on canvas before moving on to his ocean themed paintings. His most requested subject is the beloved sea turtle. Stewart has also found his niche painting old, unwanted surfboards. He claims, “I am able to stay connected to the sport of surfing, while also helping the environment by keeping boards out of the landfill.     ,

These days Stewart enjoys his retirement by banging out custom work, shipping all over the United States. His most unusual painted piece is head/footboard, however at his wife’s suggestion, he painted ocean scenes on pumpkins for the recent fall holiday.  Maxcy prefers direct sales to clients these days rather than hanging around in galleries, as he feels it makes his artwork more accessible.  However, with a keen eye you can recognize his work hanging around in various local and nationwide businesses.  

To get your original Stewart Maxcy you can contact him directly at 386-503-1408 or by email [email protected] or you can always swing by my place for one of his latest pieces now available at Flagler Surf Art & Stuff 😉

*Cool Observation*
The weekend of March 16th-18th is Flagler Surf Series #10.
This year’s t-shirt design is by Maxcy

Mine was chosen last year… full circle O.

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