Some “good stuff” on Good Friday.

These days good news is like pockets of gold deposited straight into your psyche. We need to see it, hear it and feel it more than ever. So thank you to Becky and her “I Love Flagler Beach” facebook page for continuing the pilgrimage of finding smiles and greatness cruising the streets of Flagler Beach. Here’s a small collective of recent awesomeness happening in our town:

Meet the “kids” from the University of Delaware. They arrived in Flagler Beach on an alternative spring break. With paint donated by Commsioner Cooley they painted the home of Bill Egan who was deeply effected by the hurricanes. Bill, a retired Navy journalist was enchanted with the students, who he caught singing “Sweet Caroline” as they painted. As a thank you Bill brought them bags of Tiki Tavz’s locally made potato chips. And in return the crew wrote Bill a note thanking him for sharing stories and bringing them into his home.
Yet another reason to love Flagler Beach!

The Enthusiastic volunteers from the University of Delaware signed a board that will be used as a permanent record of their visit to Flagler Beach. They are one of 30 groups working all across America on their Spring Break through an organization called “UDaB” – (University of Delaware Alternative Breaks). Yesterday, a group of the workers met with Flagler Beach City Commissioner Eric Cooley as they headed to the beach for a lunch break. Everyone in town who met them was impressed with their joyful spirit and work ethic.

Kudos to these kids!!
Need a refresh of Bill Egan’s story: check here!

Meet Elvis. That’s his real name! We met while walking down A1A this morning. He was chatting it up with a cop on duty. Born in Jamaica, he came to the states for medical school, and then worked as an emergency military doctor overseas for over two decades and eventually landed here to live a simpler life.

Funny enough, the day Becky posted this one of Elvis, I had actually passed him on my way to take my daily sunrise photo. Not only did we exchange smiles but he gave me one of the greatest hello’s I have ever received on my morning adventures. Super cool to have such a friendly soul cruising our streets!

Lots of good vibes at the City Commissioner’s meeting tonight. Officer Dorothy Ramirez received commendation from Chief Doughney. “She’s like the big sister everyone at the station looks up to.”

Last one for the day… It’s important to get to know your officers. They truly want to protect and serve the folks of our town and we all want a safe place to live and raise our children.  Captain Matt is available to listen to your needs and periodically hosts a “Donuts with Downey” at our local 7-11. How about them donuts 🙂

So hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend…and as always
thank you for being here!