Local Color: Local Chips are Delish.

Aside from these crazy cold fronts that keeping blowing through, it technically should be chilling and grilling weather! And what is the perfect snack to go along with living in paradise? Well, chips are definitely at the top of my list!
Introducing Tiki Tavz, chips and spices to make your life taste better.

Meet Travis. He is the owner of Flagler County’s only potato chip company.
Years back, when his hometown in Maryland grew too big for his liking, he started searching for the perfect town. After some research Travis, an avid surfer, found Flagler Beach and knew he’d found his place. Wanting to utilize his signature spices from his current spice company, he sought out a chip manufacturer and formulated a brand of chips with a Florida flare. -contributed by I love Flagler Beach

Travis soon hopes to build a relationship with one of our local potato farmers and have his chips made local too!  Want to give his chips a try? You can find them in town at the 7-11 (pictured here), the Flagler Board Shack and the Chicken Jiffy.  They are also available in Bunnell at Anthony’s Fresh Fish Market and Genungs Fish Camp in Cresent Beach! He is currently working on expanding into Daytona and St Augustine.

I recently purchased a bag of surf chips (they have an old bay kind of flavor), which were delicious! I am one of those “chips on my sandwich” kind of people and found myself salivating for a grilled fish sandwich to smother them in. Oh the fantasy 🙂 but alas I had to settle dipping them into my hummus to take the hunger away. Next time I will plan better!

So when you find yourself looking for a snack or need to spice up your life… try some Tiki Tavz “flavor” and hook up a new Flagler Folk! Want to read more about his story… click here!

Cheers and thanks always for being here!