Small plastic big problems.

Yesterday, instead of finding morning beach treasure, I picked up tiny pieces of plastic.  A lot of them… in just a small area. Thankfully it comes in waves but there’s a ton of it out there. It feels so overwhelming and it makes me sad because I am a part of the problem.

So I began thinking of what small things can I do that will make a difference. On my end I have quit buying plastic beverage bottles unless we are completely dying of thirst. I don’t purchase balloons. I reuse plastic food containers for storage. I forgo plastic bags if at all possible and the “skip the straw” platform is changing our family habits. Where it gets hard is at the grocery store and all the packaging. So it got me to thinking…what if we start with 3. What are three products that we could ask for less or a change in design so that we could feel more at peace with our choices?  Imagine if by reaching out we can start to make a difference. Doesn’t hurt to try. If you have some thoughts or insight on this matter please reach out here or on facebook and maybe we can be a part of one small difference.

Until then… don’t forget the Flagler Beach All-Stars are hosting our monthly beach cleanup this Saturday, 9am at the pier. Cheers and have a great day!