Florida Style.. my new look

Taking a deep breath ?

I have a hard time asking for help. Today I am.

For the last several weeks I have been diligently working on a new project. Up in the wee hours of the morning with my brain swirling and fingers tapping on my keyboard. I have moments of “this is going to be awesome” which then lead to shear anxiety of “what am I doing, this is ridiculous and the worst idea ever!” It’s been a little crazy inside my head, but I keep pushing because I won’t know unless I try.

That said… this is where you come in. For the last many years I have cultivated a family of sunrise lovers who inspire me every morning to take a picture of one of my greatest treasures. Some of you I have had the pleasure to meet in person. Others are smiley faces and wonderful comments that make my heart full and addicted to social media 🙂 So what do I need? I have been making t-shirts for Flagler Beach for a couple years now. I have decided to go bigger. I am rebranding the ((FS )) into Florida Style…and kicking it off with a new design “A1A All Day.” Knowing that not all of you live on my street 🙂 I have also added some beach lifestyle shirts with more to come. For me this is a huge endeavor as I have really just been treading water in my Flagler Beach comfort zone and am now embarking on a deep sea swim with much bigger fish. To be honest, I have no idea what I am getting myself in to but that hasn’t stopped me yet.

So for now your support, thoughts and perhaps even a purchase will start this wild adventure. I promise to follow it up with hard work and a positive attitude. Thank you so much for anything and everything. I am deeply grateful.

Please share with anyone who loves the beach, Florida or just life in general.

The new Instagram space is @floridastyle_allday which also has a Facebook page and of course website. I want to give a huge thank you to @ajneste and his family for my first real photoshoot, my family for dealing with my overtired crankiness and friends for support and encouragement. ❤️?? Hope you all have an awesome day!

Ps- I’ll be posting links to all the craziness on Facebook ? so please take a look.