Post Hurricane Dorian and Flagler Beach

The day after the hurricane left Flagler Beach, FL  I was not feeling well. The lack of sleep had finally caught up with me, as well as the cold my daughter and husband both shared. But it was more than that.

To be honest, I’m one of those people who loves a storm.

As a kid lightening and thunder were energizing and the thought of seeing a tornado, thrilling. My experience with hurricanes was minimal but I loved the preparations, forced camping conditions and the wind. The disruption in the daily grind whether it be school or work was a bonus. And once I was skilled enough, the surfing made you wish for them.

That ended when I came face to face with the idea of loosing everything. It was the new reality of these fascinating storms I once loved. And then worse. The loss of life and shear destruction they cause has me nearing a state of depression. Especially when I can just “brush off and stand up” entering back into life with a business as usual attitude. And I can’t surf. I feel too guilty to enjoy something that hurt so many. So I just try to help. Wherever and however I can. And perhaps when I’m more solid financially I will get the opportunity to do even more. But that’s it. Understanding the storms and then how each individual gets through them… Life.

Thanks for listening ❤️

Sticking together

I have never seen a mollusk in one of these shell until this moment!

Bizarre life that fell from sky and landed on my car

My daughter and I at the local beach cleanup sponsored by
Flagler Beach ALL-STARS

Epic day Photo by: AJ Neste Surfer: Robbie McCormick

Tortuga’s Crew leading the effort to get everyone’s homes prepared for the impending storm

Baby items collected by local Flagler angels to send to Bahama’s  🙁

Safety First
A1A made it 

As we move forward we are continuing to look for ways to help those less fortunate, preparing better for the next time and being thankful for what we have. Cheers and thanks for being here.