YouTube chats with Chenzo the Web Guy.

So a while back I did a couple YouTube videos with my good friend Chenzo the Web Guy. As a kiddo, pretty darn shy was a good way to describe my personality, so this transition is really quite hilarious. For many years I actually wanted to be a radio DJ and have had the pleasure of some air time with my other good buddy JB, who hosts Good Morning Americana on Flagler College Radio 88.5. It was so much fun and definitely a flame that I would not mind lighting up on a more regular basis. My other deep secret… doing stand up comedy. That challenge may have to wait a few more years, but it’s worth at least one moment on stage, sweaty and nervous as heck! Until then… this is what I’ve got. And maybe I’ll get the motivation to do a few more, cause for some reason I feel the need to share my nonsense with the universe.

Just a glimpse into my personality, mom life and some other stuff.

And so apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Here is my little speaking her mind from her heart. Have to say it makes me smile.

Cheers and Thanks as always for being here.
Peace, love and sandy feet.