Surfing the Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Contest in Flagler Beach

I first met Tommy when I was 11 years old while attending Buddy Taylor Middle School, he was 13. During our friendship he dated 3 of my childhood best friends and together we shared many unbelievable and hilarious moments. Eleven years later he passed away. I remember hearing the sirens headed towards his home. I remember the last time we surfed together. I remember going through some really hard times and asking him to be my guardian angel. I have many memories of times filled with laughter and tears with friends and family, as we celebrated his life. And now, in honor of Tommy I am entering the contest for the second time.

In the past I never wanted to sign up because secretly I wanted to win and that was not going to happen. I am over that feeling now because most days when I’m in the lineup I’ve noticed that I could be mom to a majority of the kids surfing next to me. So I give myself credit for just pushing to my feet. And when I am feeling fat, old and out of sorts I am now grateful for events like the Tommy and Mayday for giving me a reason to try a little harder cause surfing truly makes me happy. So here’s to paddling out and hoping to see some smiling faces at the beach- And Tommy- miss you buddy <3

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