Flagler Beach in Egypt…Sean Moylan

I am going to link back to an old post here…  It was the third Flagler’s Finest segment I wrote and the person is Sean Moylan.  He and several others from the area are currently in Egypt.  They have been relocated to a safe zone but were in grave danger at one time.

The quote below was taken from Sean’s facebook page…

I have just a short time on internet. the monster dictator cut off our phones and internet. i am uninjured and safe, although i did have to run from a mob. i am still in egypt. we have fled to sharm al sheikh. here is calm and beautiful.
i love the egyptian people! godbless those who defended my street with clubs and pipes. and …never should we take for granted the right to assemble and speak freely.
With all the madness that goes on each and everyday we need to just stop and take big salty deep breath…
Our thoughts are with you Sean and everyone else fighting for their right to be!!