What will you do with your one Wild and Precious Life?



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BeachHouse Beanery

In light of the new year, National Creativity Month, and to honestly stir up some good times

I am hosting a contest to inspire you to Dream, and then daring you to put it out to the universe!

The Rules:

find a quiet place…get a pencil and paper…and then for about 10 mins (it will seem like forever)

write with all your might all the crazy amazing things you would want to fill your life up with.

Now be prepared…as these may start to happen sooner than you think…

And if one of the dreams on your list happens to be sipping a hot cup of joe at your favorite

BeachHouse Beanery….

well then let me tell you that all participants will get their names thrown into a hat and the winner will receive a

$10 Gift Certificate— compliments of Carol and Jeff!!

So start dreaming… oh and don’t forget to leave  a few of your favorites in the comment section here or on Flagler Surf here

The winner will be announced at the end of the month… so you have a few moments to digest

what you are going to do with you your one Wild and Precious Life??

Cheers and Love!

Need some inspiration…I just did my list here🙂


  1. lisa t

    Throwing in a few plane tickets or donating some sky miles would be helpful for achieving my goals…just sayin’. 🙂

  2. angie


    Jan 19, 2014

    So i did as promised. Wrote in a notebook but not with a pencil (didn’t want room to erase thoughts). Something about this seems much more personal to me than typing. Back in High school and still today in college…I just daydream (like Walter Mitty) and write bubble thoughts so i won’t forget them…or to emphasize it to myself because the thoughts may be a preview of life’s coming attractions….Einstein said that, but i agree lol

    Anywho, i want to personally thank you Carla for this project. I think everyone, even if its on their Iphone’s note section should reflect on their pass year and fantasize about this one. Some goals may seem overwhelming or even unattainable, but i think if one actually writes them down or even speaks them out loud to themselves or others as you have..they too may see them slowly starting to unfold… As yours have already Carla Michelle…..isn’t that ish cray cray! hehehe.

    Clearly not all my goals are here. Some i have written down in an actual personal journal or discussed with Bryan. We both agreed that we won’t call them Resolutions…but dreams! speaking of……happy MLK and mattress sale day!

  3. Elana Carroll

    My dream for 2014 is to buy a house in Flagler Beach and have my own massage therapy practice healing all. I also want to travel to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas. I want to learn how to scuba dive in 2014. Surfing more is always in my dreams, especially with friends , family , and beginners:)