Show me some Love…

In honor of Valentine’s Day this month’s contest is themed:


After years of living in Flagler Beach I have met so many people with great stories of how they found love on our beatiful sandy shore …

Do you have one of these stories??

If the answer is yes…share it in the comments section on this page and you will get a chance to win a

$20.00 Gift Certificate

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On Valentine’s Day I will pick the winner and then share with you my personal

Love Story


Rules: feel the love, show the love, share the love–

then comment down below- winner will be selected at random~

Last month’s contest winner was Tracy Miley for sharing her dreams– she received a $10 Gift Certificate from BeachHouse Beanery!!


  1. Merissa Henry

    I feel in love in Flagler Beach. It was shortly after I had separated from my husband. I was overwhelmed from managing a company caring for my sons and my grandfather and a massive 5000 sq ft home. I had not taken anytime to care for myself for a very long time. I ran away to Flagler Beach, the place where I had spent every childhood summer. There were so many wonderful memories made there and I was hoping to make some more. I found a great little 1950’s beach cottage to rent, I was sold when I saw the pink tub, pink sink and pink tiles in the only bathroom in the house. The kitchen was tiny and I was always a big cook but this didn’t matter. I was looking for a place to really live life to enjoy myself and learn to treat myself as good as I treated others. The back yard was the intercoastal and there was a canoe that the boys and I would take rides in with our boston terrier Daisy. There was not a dryer when I moved in but there was a clothes line and I loved getting up early before work and washing so I could hang them on the line to dry in the glorious sunshine. I loved driving up the little hill to A1A just a couple blocks to see the sun rising as I headed to work. I spent many hours both with the kids and all alone walking the red beach sand healing myself and I fell in love! I fell in love with myself. I found that I can do so much more for others if I don’t put myself last all the time. Like any great love you have to work at it to stay in love and even though I moved back to the big house in the country(with a house keeper now) 😉 I still find time to love me. I run back to Flagler Beach as often as I can. When I’m hurting or stressed there is nothing like the big sigh of pure relief I feel when I approach the top of the Flagler Beach bridge and know that every thing is gonna be alright.