Who won the beans for their Dreams…

First I want to say thank you to The BeachHouse Beanery folks for hooking up the gift certificate for this first contest.  There’s some room for improvement–always–but hey, you have to start somewhere.  So if you are just chiming in let me do a quick refresh…There was a contest to state/write some of your new year’s dreams…then with the help of my trusty and handsome partner a name was drawn from the palms of my frozen hands (darn winter) And now one brave soul receives a 10$ Gift Certificate compliments of the Beanery… Beans for Dreams- I’m thinking we are definitely going to have to do this again next year!

But before I announce the winner…just want you to know that today is:



So in honor of that and and to update you on my goals/dreams… Original post here 🙂 I have been drinking more water- thanks to Cameron Diaz-weird,  but I saw her on Dr. Oz and she had an effect on me when she guzzled cups!! of water.  I have been working out again- and about to do some crazy 6 week challenge(torture) to get my heiny in shape.  And there’s hope for the website to start being successful– Wahoo!  But that’s not all because two of my dreams have come true…

  • paint… I love painting- I finally admitted it.  I have been watching folks around me taking off on their dreams and I want to ride too.
  • Connect with old friends…this is a strong, scary but warm feeling that  keeps shining brighter within.

I recently connected with an old wonderful friend and that makes me very happy and I have been painting and drawing more than ever :)) #practicemakesbetter.


Okay so now for the goods~


Congratulations Tracy!!! and Thanks to everyone for playing and dreaming!!

Check back tomorrow for FEBRUARY’S CONTEST– oooh aahhhh :))

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