Flagler Surf Star: Jillian Bontempo

Jillian Bontempo        Age:  15

From afar Jillian Bontempo looks like a super model in the making.  Her legs for miles and bright wide smile would have most women trading away their prized  possessions for her natural blessings, but it’s not the looks that make her shine, her attitude and demeanor are what people love about Jillian, plus she can surf.

jillian Collage Photo credit: Sherry DeMartino Blevins

Where do you attend to school? Matanzas High School

What are your favorite subjects? World history and American Sign Language

So how long have you been into surfing and what got you started?

I’ve been surfing for 6 years. I started because I would stand up on a boogie board and my dad surfs, so he began helping me.  What a great way to spend father -daughter time 🙂

What kind of boards do you ride?  I ride a Clever short board and a Cronin longboard.

short board

long board

  Photo Credit: Jim Walker- Surfdog Photography

Where is your favorite place to surf and why?  Flagler Beach- because I can surf with my close friends and family.

Do you compete in many contests?  The contests I surf are ESA St. Augustine, Flagler Surf Series, May Day Memorial, Tommy Tant and many other east coast contests. My best contest would have to be last years May Day, I performed very well.

Describe one of your best surf sessions…

It was last weekend and I surfed terrible during the ESA contest *note – she qualified for the Eastern Surfing Association Championships in Nags Head, N.C. and made semi finals in both long and short board.  I took some time to go out for a free surf and this big bomb of a wave was coming through.  I totally went for it. My dad saw everything and said it was one of the best waves I’ve ever had!!


 Photo Credit: MIT Photography

If you could go on a surf trip anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take?

I would go to Hawaii because I have family there and I would take my dad and Taylor Eddy

What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not surfing?  When I’m not surfing I play volleyball for Matanzas Pirates H.S. I’m a starter on the varsity team and my position is middle- hitter.

volleyball team

What do you want to be when you grow up? Will surfing still be a part of your life?

I actually want to qualify on the ASP women’s would tour. 
My plan is to get sponsored by a larger surf company and travel most of the world- surfing in all different kinds of places and learning about each of  their cultures.  My dream is to qualify and go big!

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) is the governing body of professional surfing. Crowning surfing’s undisputed world champions since 1976, the ASP sanctions the following tours: the ASP World Tour (consisting of the ASP World Championship Tour Race, the ASP PRIME events and the ASP Star events), the ASP Women’s World Tour, the ASP World Longboard Tour and the ASP World Junior Tour. The ASP is dedicated to showcasing the world’s best surfing talent in a variety of progressive formats and has revolutionized the way the world watches surfing via their webcasts. The organization is divided into seven different regions: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Hawaii, North America, and South America.

The ASP embodies all aspects of surfing. From idyllic pointbreaks in exotic locations-to-heaving barrels-to big-city beachbreaks, the current ASP Top 34 and Top 17 take on everything from dream waves to daily training grounds, proving the ASP World Champion is truly the most well rounded surfer the sport has to offer.

Want to give any high fives to sponsors or folks who have been helping you out?

I want to thank my dad, James Bontempo for all the support that he’s given me. He has helped me get where I need to be and is always pushing me to do better. I also want to say thank you to Fin Ban (bracelet company) and of course Sully’s Surf Shop!


What’s your favorite thing about living in Flagler Beach?

Everyone is one big family here. I love that everyone can enjoy surfing with people they really care about.

                                                Flagler Surf wishes you the best of luck Jillian, on all your Big Dreams! And for being a Flagler Surf Star you get a premium membership- compliments of Surfline!


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