Spring Break is here and the winner is….

I have to say the gray skies, 60 degree temps and 20+ mile an hour winds are setting a bad stage for the beginning of spring break but the kids don’t seem to be complaining too much… wait, where are the kids?  Haha, just kidding.  I suppose being stuck inside is just one more reason to cross items off the “need to do list” and cross our fingers for bluer skies tomorrow.

However my special assistant and I did manage to pick a winner for this month’s VACATION contest…are you excited?!?

Just to be clear we use a very complex method of random selection…so technical that part of it is written in code to deter spammers…

 takes hours of patience and requires years of training… but we did it and are both still alive to talk about it 🙂

winner collage_1

 –names were carefully written on the special pink paper… and then meticulously folded 

winner collage_2

 diligently mixed in the designated bowl,  magic words “Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo” were chanted …


 and then TA-DA…the winner is

Scott Adie

— Yeah!! You win a $25 Gift Certificate compliments of:


Scott’s vacation memory is worth repeating so I’m going to here 🙂

Staying at the Whale Watch Motel on AIA in Flagler Beach, while vacationing from Nevada in March 2010, we heard the last Space Shuttle launch in the dark was taking place at 4:30 am the next morning. We thought that would be really something so we got up early and drove down to watch the launch. It was incredible. We returned to Flagler Pier and ate breakfast there. As we ate, we watched 7 or 8 playful dolphins frolicking in the gentle surf on an otherwise glassy sea. It was spectacular. Breakfast never tasted so good. It was a perfect day. We went back to our comfy digs at the Whale Watch and while Judy made a phone call I crossed AIA to watch the waves. There, directly in front of me, an Osprey dove into the sea and with the precision of a laser guided rocket, clutched a small fish. It flew to a telephone pole beside the motel where I watched it eat it’s own breakfast. I thought it could not be any better. That afternoon, we made an offer on the house we now occupy in Palm Coast. Truly it was a great day. Did I forget to mention we love Flagler Beach?

Scott  also likes to create videos depicting Florida life which can be found on YouTube for your viewing pleasure- here’s one that struck my fancy as I was just observing the pelicans surfing the other day,  it definitly puts you in a good mood.

Congrats to Scott, Thanks to Fuego Del Mar and Cheers to everyone who participated– be sure to check back in next month to see what we’ve got up our sleeves~ 🙂

Happy Spring Break!